Swift Package Index



A collection of packages and tooling for generating and consuming package feeds.

Swift Package Collection Generator

A package collection (SE-0291) is a curated list of packages and associated metadata which makes it easier to discover an existing package for a particular use case. SwiftPM will allow users to subscribe to package collections and make their contents accessible to any clients of libSwiftPM.

This repository provides a set of Swift packages and tooling for the generation and consumption of package collections.

Package Collection Format

Package collections can be created and published by anyone. To make sure SwiftPM can consume them, all package collections must adhere to the same format. See the v1 format for details.

Generating a Package Collection

package-collection-generate is a Swift command-line tool that helps generate package collections.

Validating a Package Collection

package-collection-validate is a Swift command-line tool that validates package collections against the defined format.

Comparing Package Collections

package-collection-diff is a Swift command-line tool that compares two package collections to determine if they are different from each other.