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Build Information

Failed to build Source with Swift 5.7 for macOS (Xcode) using Xcode 14.2 at develop.

Build Command

Build command unavailable

Build Log

Builder version: 4.33.2
Interrupt handler set up.
Clone URL:
Reference: develop
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/admin/builds/Z6YBxSjp/0/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.git/
 * branch            develop    -> FETCH_HEAD
 * [new branch]      develop    -> origin/develop
HEAD is now at 0cca773 Update X url
Revision (git rev-parse @):
SUCCESS checkout at develop
Selected platform:         macosXcodebuild
Swift version:             5.7
Building package at path:  $workDir
Command line invocation:
    /Applications/ -IDEClonedSourcePackagesDirPathOverride=/Users/admin/builds/Z6YBxSjp/0/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.dependencies -resolvePackageDependencies
User defaults from command line:
    IDEClonedSourcePackagesDirPathOverride = /Users/admin/builds/Z6YBxSjp/0/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.dependencies
    IDEPackageSupportUseBuiltinSCM = YES
resolved source packages:
error: 'spi-builder-workspace': package 'spi-builder-workspace' is using Swift tools version 5.10.0 but the installed version is 5.7.1
error: fatalError
GENERIC FAILURE 5.7 macosXcodebuild