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Build Information

Successful build of source-editor with Swift 5.8 for macOS (SPM).

Build Command

env DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/" xcrun swift build --arch arm64

Build Log

Builder version: 4.16.1
Interrupt handler set up.
Clone URL:
Reference: 0.1.1
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/builder/builds/o86TiJKT/3/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.git/
 * tag               0.1.1      -> FETCH_HEAD
HEAD is now at 72ff6e0 Aeeeglar savannakit
Cloned into spi-builder-workspace
SUCCESS checkout at 0.1.1
Selected platform:         macosSpm
Swift version:             5.8
Building package at path:  spi-builder-workspace
Running build ...
env DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/" xcrun swift build --arch arm64
Building ... (attempt 1)
Fetching from cache
Fetched (0.74s)
Computing version for
Computed at 0.10.4 (0.53s)
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.10.4
Building for debugging...
[1/16] Emitting module savannakit
[2/18] Compiling savannakit RegexLexer.swift
[3/18] Compiling savannakit SyntaxColorTheme.swift
[4/18] Compiling savannakit NSTextView+UIKit.swift
[5/18] Compiling savannakit String+Range.swift
[6/18] Compiling savannakit SyntaxTextViewLayoutManager.swift
[7/18] Compiling savannakit TextViewWrapperView.swift
[8/18] Compiling savannakit LineNumberLayoutManager.swift
[9/18] Compiling savannakit Paragraphs.swift
[10/18] Compiling savannakit Token.swift
[11/18] Compiling savannakit NSMutableAttributedString+Tokens.swift
[12/18] Compiling savannakit SyntaxTextView+TextViewDelegate.swift
[13/18] Compiling savannakit SyntaxTextView.swift
[14/18] Compiling savannakit Types.swift
[15/18] Compiling savannakit InnerTextView.swift
[16/18] Compiling savannakit ASTVisualizer.swift
[17/18] Compiling savannakit Lexer.swift
[18/18] Compiling savannakit Paragraph.swift
[19/25] Compiling source_editor SourceCodeToken.swift
[20/25] Compiling source_editor SourceCodeRegexLexer.swift
[21/25] Compiling source_editor SourceCodeTheme.swift
[22/25] Compiling source_editor Python3Lexer.swift
[23/25] Compiling source_editor SwiftLexer.swift
[24/25] Compiling source_editor DefaultSourceCodeTheme.swift
[25/25] Emitting module source_editor
Build complete! (8.45s)
Build complete.

Build Machine: Mac 5