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Build Information

Successful build of swift-markdown with Swift 5.10 for macOS (SPM).

Build Command

env DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/ xcrun swift build --arch arm64

Build Log

Builder version: 4.29.0
Interrupt handler set up.
Clone URL:
Reference: 0.3.0
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/builder/builds/UKfvDsi8u/0/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.git/
 * tag               0.3.0      -> FETCH_HEAD
HEAD is now at 83188de Updates package to depend on my own fork
Revision (git rev-parse @):
SUCCESS checkout at 0.3.0
Selected platform:         macosSpm
Swift version:             5.10
Building package at path:  $workDir
Running build ...
env DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/ xcrun swift build --arch arm64
[1/1] Compiling plugin Swift-DocC
[2/2] Compiling plugin Swift-DocC Preview
Building for debugging...
[2/46] Write sources
[3/46] Write markdown-tool-entitlement.plist
[4/46] Write swift-version--423B1241ED78D482.txt
[5/46] Compiling cmark-gfm-extensions tasklist.c
[6/46] Compiling cmark-gfm-extensions ext_scanners.c
[7/46] Compiling cmark-gfm cmark.c
[8/46] Compiling cmark-gfm-extensions core-extensions.c
[9/46] Compiling cmark-gfm xml.c
[10/46] Compiling cmark-gfm syntax_extension.c
[11/46] Compiling cmark-gfm render.c
[12/46] Compiling cmark-gfm-extensions tagfilter.c
[13/46] Compiling cmark-gfm-extensions strikethrough.c
[14/46] Compiling cmark-gfm utf8.c
[15/46] Compiling cmark-gfm plugin.c
[16/46] Compiling cmark-gfm registry.c
[17/46] Compiling cmark-gfm-extensions autolink.c
[18/46] Compiling cmark-gfm plaintext.c
[19/46] Compiling cmark-gfm references.c
[20/46] Compiling cmark-gfm man.c
[21/46] Compiling cmark-gfm linked_list.c
[22/46] Compiling cmark-gfm node.c
[23/46] Compiling cmark-gfm latex.c
[24/46] Compiling cmark-gfm iterator.c
[25/46] Compiling cmark-gfm map.c
[26/46] Compiling cmark-gfm houdini_href_e.c
[26/46] Compiling cmark-gfm footnotes.c
[28/46] Compiling cmark-gfm html.c
[29/46] Compiling cmark-gfm houdini_html_e.c
[30/46] Compiling cmark-gfm houdini_html_u.c
[31/46] Compiling cmark-gfm cmark_ctype.c
[31/46] Write sources
[33/46] Compiling cmark-gfm buffer.c
[34/46] Write sources
[36/46] Compiling cmark-gfm-extensions table.c
[37/46] Compiling cmark-gfm arena.c
[37/46] Compiling cmark-gfm commonmark.c
[39/46] Compiling CAtomic CAtomic.c
[40/46] Compiling cmark-gfm blocks.c
[41/46] Compiling cmark-gfm inlines.c
[42/48] Compiling cmark-gfm scanners.c
[44/105] Emitting module ArgumentParserToolInfo
[45/105] Compiling ArgumentParserToolInfo ToolInfo.swift
[46/139] Compiling ArgumentParser Option.swift
[47/139] Compiling ArgumentParser OptionGroup.swift
[48/139] Compiling ArgumentParser CommandConfiguration.swift
[49/139] Compiling ArgumentParser EnumerableFlag.swift
[50/139] Compiling ArgumentParser ExpressibleByArgument.swift
[51/143] Compiling Markdown BasicBlockContainer.swift
[52/143] Compiling Markdown BasicInlineContainer.swift
[53/143] Compiling Markdown BlockContainer.swift
[54/143] Compiling Markdown BlockMarkup.swift
[55/143] Compiling Markdown InlineContainer.swift
[56/143] Compiling Markdown InlineMarkup.swift
[57/143] Compiling Markdown ListItemContainer.swift
[58/143] Compiling Markdown AtomicCounter.swift
[59/143] Compiling Markdown Strong.swift
[60/143] Compiling Markdown CustomInline.swift
[61/143] Compiling Markdown InlineCode.swift
[62/143] Compiling Markdown InlineHTML.swift
[63/143] Compiling Markdown LineBreak.swift
[64/143] Compiling Markdown SoftBreak.swift
[65/143] Compiling Markdown SymbolLink.swift
[66/143] Compiling Markdown Text.swift
[67/143] Emitting module Markdown
[68/150] Compiling ArgumentParser BashCompletionsGenerator.swift
[69/150] Compiling ArgumentParser CompletionsGenerator.swift
[70/150] Compiling ArgumentParser FishCompletionsGenerator.swift
[71/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ZshCompletionsGenerator.swift
[72/150] Compiling ArgumentParser Argument.swift
[73/150] Compiling ArgumentParser CollectionExtensions.swift
[74/150] Compiling ArgumentParser SequenceExtensions.swift
[75/150] Compiling ArgumentParser StringExtensions.swift
[76/150] Compiling ArgumentParser Tree.swift
[77/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ArgumentHelp.swift
[78/150] Compiling ArgumentParser CompletionKind.swift
[79/150] Compiling ArgumentParser Errors.swift
[80/150] Compiling ArgumentParser Flag.swift
[81/150] Compiling ArgumentParser NameSpecification.swift
[82/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ArgumentSet.swift
[83/150] Compiling ArgumentParser CommandParser.swift
[84/150] Compiling ArgumentParser InputOrigin.swift
[85/150] Compiling ArgumentParser Name.swift
[86/150] Compiling ArgumentParser Parsed.swift
[87/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ParsableArguments.swift
[88/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ParsableArgumentsValidation.swift
[89/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ParsableCommand.swift
[90/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ArgumentDecoder.swift
[91/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ArgumentDefinition.swift
[92/150] Emitting module ArgumentParser
[93/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ParsedValues.swift
[94/150] Compiling ArgumentParser ParserError.swift
[95/150] Compiling ArgumentParser SplitArguments.swift
[99/150] Compiling ArgumentParser DumpHelpGenerator.swift
[101/150] Compiling ArgumentParser HelpCommand.swift
[103/150] Compiling ArgumentParser HelpGenerator.swift
[105/150] Compiling ArgumentParser MessageInfo.swift
[108/150] Compiling ArgumentParser UsageGenerator.swift
[125/150] Compiling Markdown CharacterExtensions.swift
[126/150] Compiling Markdown CollectionExtensions.swift
[127/150] Compiling Markdown StringExtensions.swift
[128/150] Compiling Markdown MarkupVisitor.swift
[129/150] Compiling Markdown MarkupWalker.swift
[130/150] Compiling Markdown MarkupFormatter.swift
[131/150] Compiling Markdown MarkupTreeDumper.swift
[137/150] Compiling Markdown TableBody.swift
[138/150] Compiling Markdown TableCell.swift
[139/150] Compiling Markdown TableCellContainer.swift
[148/154] Compiling markdown_tool main.swift
[149/154] Compiling markdown_tool DumpTreeCommand.swift
[150/154] Compiling markdown_tool FormatCommand.swift
[151/154] Emitting module markdown_tool
[151/154] Write Objects.LinkFileList
[152/154] Linking markdown-tool
/Users/builder/builds/UKfvDsi8u/0/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.build/arm64-apple-macosx/debug/markdown-tool: replacing existing signature
[153/154] Applying markdown-tool
Build complete! (16.55s)
Fetching from cache
Fetching from cache
Fetching from cache
Fetched from cache (0.18s)
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Computing version for
Computed at 0.2.0 (0.02s)
Computing version for
Computed at 1.0.3 (0.02s)
Computing version for
Computed at 1.3.0 (0.02s)
Fetching from cache
Fetched from cache (0.19s)
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Computed at 1.0.0 (0.02s)
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.2.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 1.0.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 1.3.0
warning: /Users/builder/builds/UKfvDsi8u/0/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.build/repositories/swift-argument-parser-54a11a8d is not valid git repository for '', will fetch again.
Fetching from cache
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warning: /Users/builder/builds/UKfvDsi8u/0/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.build/repositories/swift-argument-parser-54a11a8d is not valid git repository for '', will fetch again.
Fetching from cache
Fetched from cache (0.02s)
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 1.0.3
Build complete.