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A Swift command line application that verifies xcconfig files against a template.

ConfigCop 🎛👮‍♀️

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A Swift command line application that verifies .xcconfig files against a template.

This tool will iterate over a template of keys that you provide, checking that all of the keys are present in a given xcconfig file. If you have multiple config files, e.g. for a "white label" app, automatically checking these as part of CI can be useful.

You can run this tool ad-hoc, or perhaps add it as a build phase script in your Xcode project.


Make (Recommended)

This will build the command line application and install it to /usr/local/bin.

$ git clone https://github.com/fivegoodfriends/ConfigCop.git
$ cd ConfigCop
$ make

Swift Package Manager

$ git clone https://github.com/fivegoodfriends/ConfigCop.git
$ cd ConfigCop
$ swift build

After building with SPM you can manually copy the executable file to any location you like, such as /usr/local/bin or run $ make to do this for you.

Creating a Template File

In order to verify your xcconfig files, a template is needed to compare against. You can create this template file anywhere, in your project probably makes sense.

A section named required: is required so that there is something to compare against. The optional: section is for, well, optional keys. Put all keys that must appear in your xcconfig file(s) in the required list. Optional keys will not cause the application to fail, but wil generate a warning if they are missing from the config.

Here is an example file called AppConfigTemplate.yml:



Assuming /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH you can run as follows:

configcop -c ~/iOSApp/Configs/Debug.xcconfig -t ~/Code/iOSApp/Configs/ConfigTemplate.yml