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Information for NetworkMonitor Maintainers

Are you the author, or a maintainer of NetworkMonitor? Here's what you need to know to make your package's page on the Swift Package Index, and your README both show the best information about your package.

Compatibility Badges

You can add badges to your package's README file. Display your package's compatibility with recent versions of Swift, or with different platforms, or both!

Swift Version Compatibility Badge
Swift Version Compatibility for NetworkMonitor
Platform Compatibility Badge
Platform Compatibility for NetworkMonitor

Copy the Markdown above into your package's README file to show always-up-to-date compatibility status for your package.

Manifest File

You can control more aspects of how the Swift Package Index treats your package repository, including improving build compatibility results and opting into automated DocC documentation hosting.

As the Swift Package Index scans your package repository, it will look for a manifest file named .spi.yml. If found, here are some of the things you can control or enable with it:

See the SPIManifest package documentation for more details, or use our online manifest validation helper to validate your .spi.ymlfile.