Swift Package Index

Add a Package

Adding a new package to the Swift Package Index is straightforward. Every package indexed by this site comes from a list of package repository URLs, stored in a publicly available JSON file. To add a package to the index, add a URL to a package repository to that file.

Please feel free to submit your own, or other people's repositories to this list. There are a few requirements, but they are simple.

The easiest way to validate that packages meet the requirements is to run the validation tool included in this repository. Fork this repository and clone your fork locally. Then edit packages.json and add the package URL(s) to the JSON. Finally, in the directory where you have the clone of your fork of this repository, run the following command:

swift ./validate.swift

When validation is successful, commit your changes and submit your pull request! Your package(s) will appear in the index within a few minutes.

If you would prefer to validate the requirements manually, please verify that:

Note: There's no gatekeeping or quality threshold to be included in this list. As long as the package is valid, and meets the above requirements, we will accept it.