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Swift 5 Framework to access the Keychain in iOS


Swift 5 Framework to access the Keychain

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Swift version Latest version
4.1 3.0.4
5.0 3.1.0


KeychainStore<T: Codable> is a generic class that stores instances of classes that conform to the Codable protocol

let store = KeychainStore<Card>(account: "test")
let card = Card(number: "4111111111111111", name: "Me")

// save card:
try store.set(object: card, forKey: "my card")
// 	or:
try store.set(object: card, forKey: "my card", accessibility: .whenPasscodeSetThisDeviceOnly)

// get card
let card = try store.object(forKey: "my card")

Additionally, the class KeychainStringStore saves String instances in the Keychain.