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A Swift library for parsing BibTeX files.

📚 SwiftyBibtex

A Swift library for parsing BibTeX files.

Disclaimer: This library is still under development.

📖 Usage

Prepare your input as a string. Example:

let input = """
    journal={New Repositories},
    note={A Swift library for parsing BibTeX files.}
@Preamble{"Maintained by " # me}
@Comment{TODO: Add more entries}

Access Publications

do {
    let result = try SwiftyBibtex.parse(input)
} catch {
    print("Error parsing input: \(error)")

Publication Properties

let publication = publications[0]

publication.publicationType  // PublicationType.article
publication.citationKey      // "max20"
publication.fields           // ["author": "Max", ...]
publication.rangeInFile      // (1:0)...(12:0)

Note: all keys in fields are lowercased.

Publication Types

You can cast publications to any of the following types:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Booklet
  • InBook
  • InCollection
  • InProceedings
  • Manual
  • MasterThesis
  • Misc
  • PhdThesis
  • Proceedings
  • TechReport
  • Unpublished

Each type has a set of required and optional fields that can be accessed directly. All other fields can be accessed using the fields property.

if let article = publication as? Article {
    article.author          // "Max"
    article.title           // "SwiftyBibtex"
    article.journal         // "New Repositories"
    article.year            // 2020
    article.fields["note"]  // Optional("A Swift library for parsing BibTeX files.")

Access Preambles and Comments

let result = try SwiftyBibtex.parse(input)
result.preambles  // ["Maintained by Max"]
result.comments   // ["TODO: Add more entries"]

Access Warnings and Errors

let result = try SwiftyBibtex.parse(input)
for warning in result.warnings {
for error in result.errors {

Warnings and Errors are logged to the console automatically. You can alter this behavior by setting a different logging level:

let result = try SwiftyBibtex.parse(input, loggingLevel: .warn)  // Log warnings and errors.
let result = try SwiftyBibtex.parse(input, loggingLevel: .error) // Log only errors.
let result = try SwiftyBibtex.parse(input, loggingLevel: .none)  // Don't log anything.

Warnings are represented by one of the following types:

  • DuplicateCitationKeyWarning
  • MismatchedDataTypeWarning
  • MissingRequiredFieldsWarning
  • UnrecognizedPublicationTypeWarning
  • UnusedStringDefinitionWarning

Errors are represented by one of the following types:

  • ExtraneousInputParserError
  • MismatchedInputParserError
  • MissingSymbolParserError
  • NoViableAlternativeParserError
  • StringDefinitionNotFoundParserError
  • TokenRecognitionParserError

Casting a warning or an error to one of these types allows you to get more information about it:

if let extraneousInputError = error as? ExtraneousInputParserError {

⚙️ Installation

Swift Package Manager


Select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency... and enter the following URL:



Open Package.swift and add the following line to your package's dependencies:

.package(name: "SwiftyBibtex", url: "https://github.com/MaxHaertwig/SwiftyBibtex.git", .upToNextMajor(from: "1.0.0"))


This library makes use of ANTLR to generate its underlying BibTeX parser. The lexer and parser grammers can be found in BibtexLexer.g4 and BibtexParser.g4 respectively. If you decide to change one of the grammer files, make sure to run the generate_bibtex_parser.sh script to generate the new parser.

The ANTLR runtime (Antlr4) is included as a package dependency.

🤝 Contributions

Feedback, Issues, and Pull Requests are always welcome.

📄 License

SwiftyBibtex is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more info.