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Templating engine for Swift, similar to Handlebars & Mustache.


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Malline is a simple and powerful template language for Swift. It provides a syntax similar to Handlebars & Mustache. If you're familiar with these, you will feel right at home with Malline.


There are {{ articles.count }} articles.

  {% for article in articles %}
    <li>{{ article.title }} by {{ article.author }}</li>
  {% endfor %}
import Malline

struct Article {
  let title: String
  let author: String

let context = [
  "articles": [
    Article(title: "Limitations and Inevitable Demise of Blockchains", author: "Tauno Lehtinen"),
    Article(title: "Distributed Social Networks in Swift", author: "Tauno Lehtinen"),

let environment = Environment(loader: FileSystemLoader(paths: ["templates/"]))
let rendered = try environment.renderTemplate(name: context)


The User Guide

Resources for Malline template authors to write Malline templates:

Resources to help you integrate Malline into a Swift project:


Malline is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more info.