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Amazon AWS S3 convenience


Amazon AWS S3 convenience


  1. Create a bucket with your bucket name and region

    let bucket = AWSBucket(name: "", region: "")

  2. Crete a request for a particular action using one of the method listed below

  3. Sign the request with your AWSAccount

    let awsAccount = AWSAccount(serviceName: "s3", region: "", accessKeyID: "", secretAccessKey: "")

    request.sign(for: awsAccount)

  4. Do whatever it is you do to use a URLRequest


  1. Create a URLRequest for a particular object name, including the leading /.

    guard var request:URLRequest = bucket.requestToGETObjectNamed("") else ...


  1. Instantiate an S3PutComponents instance with the bucket, object name and data

  2. Add optional properties, like an acl, mimetype or server side encryption

  3. Use the .request property to get a URLRequest


  1. With your AWSBucket instance, create a request to delete an object.

    guard var request:URLRequest = bucket.requestToDELETEObjectNamed("my object name ") else ...

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