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Say Hello to the Swift Package Index Blog

Hello! 👋

It’s always hard to know when to ship v1 of a project. Which features get included? Are there things that can wait? It’s a balancing act. You’re excited to show the world what you built, but is it good enough?

One decision we made when shipping the Swift Package Index was that a blog could wait. Looking back now, it feels like that was the right decision. The launch went smoothly, you all reacted very kindly and positively to it, and we went back to work fixing bugs and working on new features.

However, we always knew we’d need somewhere to write about what we are doing with this project. We’d love to tell you about some of the interesting technical challenges we faced, but most of all we want to tell you about the new features we’ve been building...

What features? You’ll have to wait just one more week to find out what we’ve been working on, but we’re pretty excited about it, and that’s why now was the right time to launch this blog.

Now we just need to keep writing on it! 😬

About this blog

The Swift Package Index is a search engine and metadata index for Swift packages. Our main goal is to help you make better decisions about the dependencies you include in your apps and projects. If you're new here, the best place to get started is by searching for packages.