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We need your help to fund this project

As an open-source project without the backing of a big company, community donations are critical to keeping this project going.

Dave wrote more about this in this week’s iOS Dev Weekly if you want the whole story, but the short version is that this project needs your help.

Every contribution helps, whether it’s a one-time or monthly donation. Every sponsorship directly supports the time Dave and Sven dedicate to this project.

We’re in this for the long term to build the package index that the Swift package ecosystem needs, but we need your help. Please consider joining the 99 other people who sponsor this project through GitHub sponsors.

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Thank you so much!

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The Swift Package Index is a search engine and metadata index for Swift packages. Our main goal is to help you make better decisions about the dependencies you include in your apps and projects. If you're new here, the best place to get started is by searching for packages.