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Build Information

Successful build of SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper with Swift 5.8 for Linux.

Build Command

bash -c docker run --rm -v "checkouts-4606859-1":/host -w "$PWD/checkout" swift build 2>&1

Build Log

Builder version: 4.28.7
Interrupt handler set up.
Clone URL:
Reference: v1.6.1
Initialized empty Git repository in /host/spi-builder-workspace/.git/
hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
hint: is subject to change. To configure the initial branch name to use in all
hint: of your new repositories, which will suppress this warning, call:
hint: 	git config --global init.defaultBranch <name>
hint: Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
hint: 'development'. The just-created branch can be renamed via this command:
hint: 	git branch -m <name>
 * tag               v1.6.1     -> FETCH_HEAD
HEAD is now at 3296585 🔄 synced file(s) with Nef10/common-swift-package
Revision (git rev-parse @):
SUCCESS checkout at v1.6.1
Selected platform:         linux
Swift version:             5.8
Building package at path:  $PWD/checkout
Running build ...
bash -c docker run --rm -v "checkouts-4606859-1":/host -w "$PWD/checkout" swift build 2>&1
[1/3216] Fetching swiftbeancountmodel
[194/4978] Fetching swiftbeancountmodel, wealthsimpledownloader
[476/5760] Fetching swiftbeancountmodel, wealthsimpledownloader, swiftbeancountparserutils
Fetched (0.28s)
Fetched (0.28s)
Fetched (0.31s)
Computing version for
Computed at 2.0.1 (0.70s)
Computing version for
Computed at 1.0.0 (0.32s)
Computing version for
Computed at 0.1.6 (0.31s)
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.1.6
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 2.0.1
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 1.0.0
Building for debugging...
[1/28] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Account.swift
[2/28] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel AccountName.swift
[3/28] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Amount.swift
[4/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Custom.swift
[5/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Event.swift
[6/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Flag.swift
[7/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Inventory.swift
[8/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Ledger.swift
[9/30] Emitting module SwiftBeanCountParserUtils
[10/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountParserUtils String.swift
[11/30] Emitting module SwiftBeanCountModel
[12/30] Compiling Wealthsimple WealthsimpleAsset.swift
[13/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Price.swift
[14/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Tag.swift
[15/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel MultiCurrencyAmount.swift
[16/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Option.swift
[17/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Balance.swift
[18/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Commodity.swift
[19/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Cost.swift
[20/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel Transaction.swift
[21/30] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel TransactionMetaData.swift
[22/31] Compiling Wealthsimple TransactionError.swift
[23/31] Compiling Wealthsimple WealthsimpleAccount.swift
[24/31] Compiling Wealthsimple WealthsimpleDownloader.swift
[25/31] Compiling Wealthsimple WealthsimplePosition.swift
[28/33] Compiling Wealthsimple String+CamelCase.swift
[29/33] Compiling Wealthsimple Token.swift
[30/33] Emitting module Wealthsimple
[31/33] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel TransactionPosting.swift
[32/33] Compiling SwiftBeanCountModel ValidationResult.swift
[35/35] Compiling Wealthsimple WealthsimpleTransaction.swift
[38/45] Compiling SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper MetaDataKeys.swift
[39/45] Compiling SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper LedgerLookup.swift
[40/45] Compiling SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper Wealthsimple.Transaction+Helper.swift
[41/45] Compiling SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper String+KebabCase.swift
[42/45] Compiling SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper Amount+init.swift
[43/45] Emitting module SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper
[44/45] Compiling SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper WealthsimpleConversionError.swift
[45/45] Compiling SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper WealthsimpleLedgerMapper.swift
Build complete! (10.81s)
Build complete.

Build Machine: Linux 1