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Build Information

Successful build of MagickPublishPlugin with Swift 5.10 for Linux.

Build Command

bash -c docker run --rm -v "checkouts-4606859-1":/host -w "$workDir" swift build 2>&1

Build Log

Builder version: 4.29.0
Interrupt handler set up.
Clone URL:
Reference: 0.3.0
Initialized empty Git repository in /host/spi-builder-workspace/.git/
hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
hint: is subject to change. To configure the initial branch name to use in all
hint: of your new repositories, which will suppress this warning, call:
hint: 	git config --global init.defaultBranch <name>
hint: Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
hint: 'development'. The just-created branch can be renamed via this command:
hint: 	git branch -m <name>
 * tag               0.3.0      -> FETCH_HEAD
HEAD is now at ec18a25  Add more info in readme
Revision (git rev-parse @):
SUCCESS checkout at 0.3.0
Selected platform:         linux
Swift version:             5.10
Building package at path:  $workDir
Running build ...
bash -c docker run --rm -v "checkouts-4606859-1":/host -w "$workDir" swift build 2>&1
[1/1898] Fetching ink
[1748/2854] Fetching ink, shellout
[2855/2970] Fetching ink, shellout, sweep
[2883/4201] Fetching ink, shellout, sweep, files
[4202/6286] Fetching ink, shellout, sweep, files, plot
[5975/6467] Fetching ink, shellout, sweep, files, plot, codextended
Fetched from cache (0.30s)
Fetched from cache (0.30s)
Fetched from cache (0.30s)
Fetched from cache (0.30s)
Fetched from cache (0.30s)
Fetched from cache (0.30s)
[1/2882] Fetching publish
Fetched from cache (0.31s)
Computing version for
Computed at 2.3.0 (1.06s)
Computing version for
Computed at 0.7.0 (0.41s)
Computing version for
Computed at 0.4.0 (0.39s)
Computing version for
Computed at 0.3.0 (0.38s)
Computing version for
Computed at 4.1.1 (0.40s)
Computing version for
Computed at 0.8.0 (0.39s)
Computing version for
Computed at 0.5.0 (0.39s)
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.3.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.4.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.7.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.5.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 4.1.1
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 0.8.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 2.3.0
Building for debugging...
[0/9] Write sources
[8/9] Write swift-version-24593BA9C3E375BF.txt
[10/88] Emitting module Ink
[11/92] Emitting module Plot
[12/97] Compiling Ink TextStyle.swift
[13/97] Compiling Ink TextStyleMarker.swift
[14/97] Compiling Ink URL.swift
[15/97] Compiling Ink URLDeclaration.swift
[16/97] Compiling Plot HTML.swift
[17/97] Compiling Plot HTMLAnchorRelationship.swift
[18/97] Compiling Plot HTMLAnchorTarget.swift
[19/97] Compiling Plot HTMLAttributes.swift
[20/97] Compiling Plot HTMLAudioFormat.swift
[21/97] Compiling Plot Attribute.swift
[22/97] Compiling Plot ControlFlow.swift
[23/97] Compiling Plot Document.swift
[24/97] Compiling Plot DocumentEncoding.swift
[25/97] Compiling Plot Element.swift
[26/97] Compiling Plot Renderable.swift
[27/97] Compiling Plot SiteMap.swift
[28/97] Compiling Plot SiteMapChangeFrequency.swift
[29/97] Compiling Plot Indentation.swift
[30/97] Compiling Ink HTMLConvertible.swift
[31/97] Compiling Ink Hashable+AnyOf.swift
[32/97] Compiling Ink Heading.swift
[33/97] Compiling Ink HorizontalLine.swift
[34/97] Compiling Plot PodcastElements.swift
[35/97] Compiling Plot PodcastEpisodeType.swift
[36/97] Compiling Plot PodcastFeed.swift
[37/97] Compiling Plot PodcastMediaType.swift
[38/97] Compiling Plot Language.swift
[39/97] Compiling Plot Node.swift
[40/97] Compiling Plot PodcastAttributes.swift
[41/97] Compiling Plot PodcastComponents.swift
[42/97] Compiling Plot PodcastType.swift
[43/97] Compiling Plot RSS.swift
[44/97] Compiling Plot HTMLFormContentType.swift
[45/97] Compiling Plot HTMLFormMethod.swift
[46/97] Compiling Plot XMLElements.swift
[47/97] Compiling Plot AnyNode.swift
[48/97] Compiling Plot ElementRenderer.swift
[49/97] Compiling Plot NodeConvertible.swift
[50/97] Compiling Plot String+Escaping.swift
[51/98] Compiling Plot SiteMapElements.swift
[52/98] Compiling Plot TwitterCardType.swift
[53/98] Compiling Plot URLRepresentable.swift
[54/98] Compiling Plot XML.swift
[55/98] Compiling Plot XMLAttributes.swift
[62/98] Emitting module Codextended
[63/98] Compiling Codextended Codextended.swift
[93/98] Emitting module ShellOut
[94/98] Compiling ShellOut ShellOut.swift
[95/98] Emitting module Sweep
[96/98] Compiling Sweep Sweep.swift
[101/102] Emitting module Files
[102/102] Compiling Files Files.swift
[104/154] Compiling Publish SectionMap.swift
[105/154] Compiling Publish SortOrder.swift
[106/154] Compiling Publish StringWrapper.swift
[107/154] Compiling Publish Tag.swift
[108/154] Compiling Publish TagDetailsPage.swift
[109/154] Compiling Publish TagHTMLConfiguration.swift
[110/154] Compiling Publish TagListPage.swift
[111/161] Compiling Publish HTMLFileMode.swift
[112/161] Compiling Publish Index.swift
[113/161] Compiling Publish Item.swift
[114/161] Compiling Publish ItemRSSProperties.swift
[115/161] Compiling Publish Location.swift
[116/161] Compiling Publish Mutations.swift
[117/161] Compiling Publish Page.swift
[118/161] Emitting module Publish
[119/161] Compiling Publish Path.swift
[120/161] Compiling Publish PlotComponents.swift
[121/161] Compiling Publish Plugin.swift
[122/161] Compiling Publish PodcastAuthor.swift
[123/161] Compiling Publish PodcastCompatibleWebsiteItemMetadata.swift
[124/161] Compiling Publish PodcastEpisodeMetadata.swift
[125/161] Compiling Publish PodcastFeedConfiguration.swift
[126/161] Compiling Publish Theme+Foundation.swift
[127/161] Compiling Publish Theme.swift
[128/161] Compiling Publish Video.swift
[129/161] Compiling Publish Website.swift
[130/161] Compiling Publish Array+Appending.swift
[131/161] Compiling Publish CommandLine+Output.swift
[132/161] Compiling Publish ContentError.swift
[133/161] Compiling Publish File+SwiftPackageFolder.swift
[134/161] Compiling Publish FileIOError.swift
[135/161] Compiling Publish Folder+Group.swift
[136/161] Compiling Publish HTMLGenerator.swift
[137/161] Compiling Publish MarkdownContentFactory.swift
[138/161] Compiling Publish MarkdownFileHandler.swift
[139/161] Compiling Publish MarkdownMetadataDecoder.swift
[140/161] Compiling Publish AnyItem.swift
[141/161] Compiling Publish Audio.swift
[142/161] Compiling Publish Content.swift
[143/161] Compiling Publish ContentProtocol.swift
[144/161] Compiling Publish DeploymentMethod.swift
[145/161] Compiling Publish Favicon.swift
[146/161] Compiling Publish FeedConfiguration.swift
[147/161] Compiling Publish HTMLFactory.swift
[148/161] Compiling Publish Predicate.swift
[149/161] Compiling Publish PublishedWebsite.swift
[150/161] Compiling Publish PublishingContext.swift
[151/161] Compiling Publish PublishingError.swift
[152/161] Compiling Publish PublishingStep.swift
[153/161] Compiling Publish RSSFeedConfiguration.swift
[154/161] Compiling Publish Section.swift
[155/161] Compiling Publish PodcastError.swift
[156/161] Compiling Publish PodcastFeedGenerator.swift
[157/161] Compiling Publish PublishingPipeline.swift
[158/161] Compiling Publish RSSFeedGenerator.swift
[159/161] Compiling Publish ShellOutError+PublishingErrorConvertible.swift
[160/161] Compiling Publish SiteMapGenerator.swift
[161/161] Compiling Publish String+Normalized.swift
[163/164] Compiling MagickPublishPlugin MagickPublishPlugin.swift
[164/164] Emitting module MagickPublishPlugin
Build complete! (20.13s)
Build complete.