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Build Information

Successful build of UserDefault with Swift 5.10 for macOS (SPM).

Build Command

env DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/ xcrun swift build --arch arm64

Build Log

Builder version: 4.29.0
Interrupt handler set up.
Clone URL:
Reference: main
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/builder/builds/UKfvDsi8u/1/finestructure/swiftpackageindex-builder/spi-builder-workspace/.git/
 * branch            main       -> FETCH_HEAD
 * [new branch]      main       -> origin/main
HEAD is now at 01ecd19 fix defaults not passing through nil convenience init
Revision (git rev-parse @):
SUCCESS checkout at main
Selected platform:         macosSpm
Swift version:             5.10
Building package at path:  $workDir
Running build ...
env DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/ xcrun swift build --arch arm64
Building for debugging...
[0/3] Write sources
[2/3] Write swift-version--423B1241ED78D482.txt
[4/5] Emitting module HandyOperators
[5/5] Compiling HandyOperators HandyOperators.swift
[6/17] Compiling UserDefault DefaultsValueConvertible.swift
[7/18] Emitting module UserDefault
[8/18] Compiling UserDefault Collection.swift
[9/18] Compiling UserDefault Dictionary.swift
[10/18] Compiling UserDefault RawRepresentable.swift
[11/18] Compiling UserDefault DefaultsValue.swift
[12/18] Compiling UserDefault NSCoding.swift
[13/18] Compiling UserDefault Optional.swift
[14/18] Compiling UserDefault UserDefault.swift
[15/18] Compiling UserDefault Array.swift
[16/18] Compiling UserDefault Codable.swift
[17/18] Compiling UserDefault IndirectDefaultsValueConvertible.swift
[18/18] Compiling UserDefault UserDefaultState.swift
Build complete! (6.90s)
Fetching from cache
Fetched from cache (0.15s)
Computing version for
Computed at 2.0.1 (0.36s)
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 2.0.1
Build complete.