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Build Information

Successful build of swift-libs with Swift 5.8 for Linux.

Build Command

docker run --rm -v "checkouts-4606859-0":/host -w "/host/spi-builder-workspace" swift build 2>&1

Build Log

Builder version: 4.21.4
Interrupt handler set up.
Clone URL:
Reference: main
Cloned into spi-builder-workspace
SUCCESS checkout at main
Selected platform:         linux
Swift version:             5.8
Building package at path:  spi-builder-workspace
Running build ...
docker run --rm -v "checkouts-4606859-0":/host -w "/host/spi-builder-workspace" swift build 2>&1
Unable to find image '' locally
basic-5.8-latest: Pulling from finestructure/spi-images
99803d4b97f3: Already exists
599f6dbf3e5b: Pulling fs layer
22da651bdbb2: Pulling fs layer
a1251246fe4a: Pulling fs layer
aae1e3716643: Pulling fs layer
599f6dbf3e5b: Waiting
22da651bdbb2: Waiting
aae1e3716643: Waiting
a1251246fe4a: Waiting
599f6dbf3e5b: Verifying Checksum
599f6dbf3e5b: Download complete
a1251246fe4a: Verifying Checksum
a1251246fe4a: Download complete
aae1e3716643: Verifying Checksum
aae1e3716643: Download complete
22da651bdbb2: Verifying Checksum
22da651bdbb2: Download complete
599f6dbf3e5b: Pull complete
22da651bdbb2: Pull complete
a1251246fe4a: Pull complete
aae1e3716643: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:7e9aa5b307bccf82fdd6e1662d0dba19e82933298a6f8695c40f3a070738c76b
Status: Downloaded newer image for
[1/2108] Fetching swift-docc-symbolkit
[191/3531] Fetching swift-docc-symbolkit, swift-docc-plugin
Fetched (0.37s)
Fetched (0.38s)
Computing version for
Computed at 1.3.0 (0.78s)
Computing version for
Computed at 1.0.0 (0.36s)
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 1.0.0
Creating working copy for
Working copy of resolved at 1.3.0
[1/1] Compiling plugin Swift-DocC
[2/2] Compiling plugin Swift-DocC Preview
Building for debugging...
[3/30] Compiling SwiftLibsDependency DependencyKey.swift
[4/30] Compiling SwiftLibsDependency DependencyService.swift
[5/30] Compiling SwiftLibsCoordination Router.swift
[6/30] Compiling SwiftLibsCoordination BaseNavigationRouter.swift
[7/30] Compiling SwiftLibsCoordination ModalNavigationRouter.swift
[8/30] Compiling SwiftLibsCoordination Coordinator.swift
[9/30] Emitting module SwiftLibsCoordination
[10/30] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation Optional+Nil.swift
[11/30] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation String+Empty.swift
[12/30] Compiling SwiftLibsCoordination PushNavigationRouter.swift
[13/30] Compiling SwiftLibsCoordination WindowRouter.swift
[15/32] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation Collection+Empty.swift
[16/33] Emitting module SwiftLibsDependency
[18/33] Compiling SwiftLibsDependency Dependency.swift
[21/35] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation LossyCodableList.swift
[22/35] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation BundleError.swift
[23/35] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation Bool+Init.swift
[24/35] Emitting module SwiftLibsFoundation
[25/35] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation Bundle+LocalisationBundle.swift
[26/35] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation String+Localisation.swift
[27/35] Compiling SwiftLibsFoundation TimeZone+Zone.swift
[29/37] Compiling SwiftLibsCommunication Endpoint.swift
[30/37] Compiling SwiftLibsCommunication MakeURLRequestUseCase.swift
[31/37] Emitting module SwiftLibsCommunication
[32/37] Compiling SwiftLibsCommunication MockURLProtocol.swift
[34/37] Compiling SwiftLibsCommunication MakeURLRequestError.swift
[35/37] Compiling SwiftLibsCommunication HTTPResponseCode.swift
[36/37] Compiling SwiftLibsCommunication HTTPRequestMethod.swift
[37/37] Compiling SwiftLibsCommunication Client.swift
Build complete! (11.86s)
Build complete.

Build Machine: Linux 1