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Manage root certificates in Xcode simulators


Swift 5 compatible Xcode 10.2 compatible Xcode 10.2 compatible

This is a tool to manage root certificates in Xcode simulators. Installing a certificate in all your simulators is as easy as:

$ xcode-simulator-cert install myhost.crt

It will then install the certificate in all your simulators.


Using Homebrew

Homebrew is the de-facto standard package manager for macOS open-source tools and other things.

$ brew install skagedal/formulae/xcode-simulator-cert

Using Mint

Mint is a pretty nice package manager for Swift Package Manager-based projects, such as this one.

$ mint install skagedal/xcode-simulator-cert


xcode-simulator-tool basically does CRUD actions for certificates in simulators: install new ones, export existing ones, remove certificates, and list them.

Use xcode-simulator-tool --help to get a quick overview of how it works.

Installing certificates

The install subcomand takes a parameter where you give the certificate in PEM format.

$ xcode-simulator-cert install myhost.crt

You can also specify a specific simulator:

$ xcode-simulator-cert install myhost.crt --device-name="iPhone 8"

This will install the certificate in simulators whose name exactly matches "iPhone 8". There are some other ways of filtering into which simulators to affect, please see xcode-simulator-cert install --help.

It will skip installing in simulators where this exact certificate already exist.

Exporting certificates

The export subcommand exports existing root certificate that it finds in the trust store of selected devices, creating a PEM file for each unique certificate.

$ xcode-simulator-cert export 

Removing certificates

The remove subcommand removes all root certificates from selected devices.

List certificates

The list subcommand lists all simulator devices and what certificates are available for each.


This tool edits a SQLite database managed by iOS in the simulator. It is not using officially blessed APIs. I have tested it on Xcode 10.2.1 and the Xcode 11 beta 1 (at the time of writing, the latest) and it works well, but I can of course not give any guarantees. In some situations you may still need to manually go in and trust the certificate manually. I recommend not running the Xcode simulator while you run the tool.


If you'd like to hack on xcode-simulator-cert, you may run generate-xcodeproj.sh to generate an Xcode project.


This tool is largely based on the work of Daniel Cerutti and his ADVTrustStore tool and documentation.