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A port of Android Architecture Components to iOS.

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Architecture Components

A port of Android Architecture Components to iOS.


When building an app for both iOS and Android, there are advantages to defining a single app architecture and applying it on both platforms. Primarily, it saves time by solving the data modeling and component interactions once for both platforms. Additionally, maintenance is somewhat eased because changes will be similar on both platforms.

Apple's developer guides and the UIKit framework provide little concrete guidance for architecting an app to be reliable and maintainable. This has lead the iOS developer community to create many iOS app architectures and have lively debates about their usefulness.

Android Architecture Components provide Android developers with a general-purpose, clean, repeatable pattern for creating data-driven, reactive-style apps. The components provide a clean separation of concerns and abstract away many of the intricacies that arise when handling data updates properly for every phase of the UI lifecycle. Finally, Google provides concrete recommendations for common real-world app development problems.

Since iOS lacks a first-party application architecture and Android now has a very nice first-party application architecture, it seems reasonable to adopt Android's architecture on both platforms in instances when app delivery would benefit from sharing an app architecture.


Next steps:

  • Improve automated test coverage
  • Provide full documentation comments
  • Improve README with getting started information
  • Create an example app
  • Setup continuous integration
  • Add logging
  • Implement Room Persistence Library
  • Implement Paging Library
  • Support tvOS, watchOS, macOS


  • Implement Lifecycle components
  • Implement LiveData components
  • Enable Carthage and CocoaPods installation

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