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Information for NSString_RemoveEmoji Maintainers

Are you the author, or a maintainer of NSString_RemoveEmoji? Here's what you need to know to make your package's page on the Swift Package Index, and your README both show the best information about your package.

Compatibility Badges

You can add badges to your package's README file. Display your package's compatibility with recent versions of Swift, or with different platforms, or both!

Swift Version Compatibility Badge
Swift Version Compatibility for NSString_RemoveEmoji
Platform Compatibility Badge
Platform Compatibility for NSString_RemoveEmoji

Copy the Markdown above into your package's README file to show always-up-to-date compatibility status for your package.

Build Compatibility

For information on improving your package's build results, including why you might want to add a .spi.yml which controls the Swift Package Index build system, see the build system documentation.